Mergers & acquisitions

Planning the growth of your business is not easy and achievement of those plans will probably take many years of hard work. It may involve the acquisition of other businesses along the way or just careful strategic planning for organic growth. These are activities that are difficult for most business owners to handle, partly because they are too busy running the business and also because the skills are specialist.

There may also come a time when the existing owners want to exit the business to pursue other personal goals. At such a time, planning and negotiating the disposal of part or all of the business becomes the most important project.

Help is at hand as we can assist you to plan your strategy, which may take some months or years to be fulfilled, and then seek suitable target businesses to discuss merger or acquisition possibilities.

Before involving expensive search consultants, lawyers and reporting accountants, meet with BDA Associates to discuss your best way forward. There are tax as well as commercial considerations that may seriously affect your decisions and it's rarely too soon to have that discussion with us. Having acted for many clients in the acquisition of new businesses and also helped others to dispose of their trading ventures, we are happy to share our skills with you to protect you against the unforeseen and expensive pitfalls.

We may also be able to assist you in your negotiations and to guide you through the legal and financial maze of Merger & Acquisition activities, working alongside the others in your professional team.

Remember, you only sell your business once, so call us for a preliminary talk about your various options to help you maximise your wealth and minimise your tax.

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